7 Best Android App for Chromecast in 2020

Google’s Chromecast is arguably the most popular video streaming service out there. Despite its small size, the device allows you to connect your TV to virtually anything in your house with a processor built in it including your Android mobile.

Today almost all the music and video streaming services come with Chromecast by default and hence, finding the best android app for Chromecast is not an easy task. However, before using any of these apps, you need to install Google Home as it acts like a content delivery platform as well as a control center for your Chromecast.

Best Android App for Chromecast in 2020

  1. YouTube, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music

YouTube, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music are some of the best music and video streaming combination available today that are also available for Chromecast. Between these three excellent apps, you can easily find your desired music and video content for some entertainment.

YouTube is available for free, but the $12.99 subscription removes all the ads and gives you full access to Google Play Music and YouTube Music.

  1. Netflix

For many, Netflix is the best android app for Chromecast available today. The Netflix app is continuously updated and improved a lot over the years and the developers behind the app have done extremely well to keep up with the latest trends.

Netflix costs $7.99 to $13.99 per month and content streaming is immaculate as long as your internet connection is not broken. There is also a free trial if you want to check their vast content library before subscribing.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is another highly popular android app for Chromecast. descargaraplicaciones.pro It features a huge catalog of the latest TV shows along with a few movies. Hulu is also a great app for anime fans. You can put your favorite shows on a watchlist and stream them to your TV via Chromecast.

Hulu also recently launched a TV service that costs $39.99 per month which includes over 50 TV channels. The subscription also includes regular Hulu content as well making it an ideal option over their $7.99 – $11.99 per month subscription.

  1. Spotify

Although Spotify joined the Chromecast train a bit late, today it is one of the best android apps for Chromecast available. The reigning king of the online music streaming has over 30 million tracks from both established and new artists as well as countless podcasts, radio stations, video content, etc on their platform.

Spotify subscription costs $9.99 for a single user and $14.99 for a family plan that supports up to 6 people. Their main plan is always free and ad-supported, ideal for users who don’t want to subscribe to the platform. They also have various discounts for college students.

  1. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is another highly popular android app for Chromecast where users can listen to various types of stations that play certain types of music. You can also listen to real radio stations and enjoy your favorite music.

The best time to enjoy iHeartRadio stations is around holidays as their holiday stations are one of the best. The platform costs $9.99 per month, but they also have a free version of their platform if you are comfortable with advertising.

  1. Pandora Music

Pandora is an excellent android app for Chromecast where you can discover new music, listen to random music stations according to your tastes, etc. The user interface is clean and user-friendly and compatible with practically everything including Chromecast.

Their main plan is free and ad-supported, but you can pay $4.99 to remove ads as well as $9.99 to stream any song in their library in addition to ad removal.

  1. Plex

Plex has frequently been raked as one of the best android apps for Chromecast out today. Plex streams video content from your PC to your mobile and then directly to Chromecast. However, it does take some time to set up as you require a home server on your computer but works fine once you set it up.

You can get access to most of their features with the free version, but you need to pay a small $0.99 fee to use their android app. You can also check their $9.99 a month Plex Pass that adds even more services and features on top of the features available on the free version.

The Devil's Arithmetic: A Book Review

The Devil's Arithmetic: A Book Review

It was known as a disturbing and horrifying point in history that still raises hair today. It was the Holocaust. Jane Yolen's THE DEVIL'S ARITHMETIC recaptures the terror and strong emotions of the 1940's. She lures you in with nightmarish scenes that will make your heart stop. Shocking historical tid-bits are yet another one of her clever techniques to draw the reader into the book.

This unique novel is about a Jewish girl named Hannah who lives in the present day. The festive Passover dinner that she celebrates with her family (some being survivors of the Holocaust) turns into a blast to the past. As 13-year old Hannah extends her hand to pull the door open to greet the prophet, Elijah, she finds herself among a modest Jewish household. The members of the tiny shack mistakenly believe her to be one of their relatives. Little does Hannah know that she is reliving the life of her Aunt Eva's old friend, Chaya. The experience opens her mind and nothing is ever the same.

This is a compelling novel. There is so much to learn from it. Many of the frightening moments of the Holocaust are creatively retold in a way that makes you want to feed on all the details. The author uses carefully chosen adjectives ("harsh," "the devil's work," and the "monsters" are some good examples) to form dramatic scenes such as when she brilliantly describes the inhumane and evil practices of the Nazis. The characters are assigned very real personalities so the reader feels as if they had met them. Hannah, for instance, always seems to do what you might do and that happens in the end when she dies for a close friend. Jane Yolen is an extremely gifted and talented author.

I highly recommend this young adults' novel to readers ages 10 and up. It will give children of today sense of appreciation for what they have. THE DEVIL'S ARITHMETIC by Jane Yolen is simply a must-read book.

Fantasy Baseball: Top 5 Colorado Rockies Keepers

Fantasy Baseball: Top 5 Colorado Rockies Keepers

Knowing the best players to keep on your fantasy team can be difficult. That's why I'm here. So, you've picked up a few Colorado Rockies and wonder if you should drop some or keep them. Well, I'm going to provide for you a short list of the top Rockies players that you should keep. If the players you have aren't on the list, you might as well get rid of them.

#1 Garrett Atkins – Colorado Rockies Keepers -Fantasy Baseball 

We start with Garrett Atkins. This guy played 155 games last year, getting 99 RBI (runs batted in), 21 home runs, and batting a pretty nice .286 average. A great choice as he plays most games and is a solid third baseman.

#2 Matt Holliday – Colorado Rockies Keepers -Fantasy Baseball 

Matt Holliday is a no-brainer. This all-star caliber player batted .321 last year with 88 RBIs, a must have.

#3 Brad Hawpe – Colorado Rockies Keepers – Fantasy Baseball 

Brad Hawpe is not as well known as a Holliday but still a solid choice. 85 RBIs and a .283 average, a solid pick up.

#4 Ubaldo Jimenez – Colorado Rockies Keepers – Fantasy Baseball 

Need a pitcher? Ubaldo Jimenez is your guy with 172 strikeouts in 32 games, I think you pick this guy up.

#5 Aaron Cook – Colorado Rockies Keepers – Fantasy Baseball 

As for another pitcher, Aaron Cook pitched 211 innings in 32 games and threw an impressive 3.92 ERA.

If I had to pick 5 Colorado Rockies keeper players, these 5 would be it.

Can an Ebook Really Help You to Lose Weight?

Can an Ebook Really Help You to Lose Weight?

See the source image

Grrr…..another ebook on how to lose weight, right? Well, sorta. Topportunities reviewed, “100 Weight Loss Tips,” and this ebook is not some fad diet or an ebook full of obvious information. We are more than willing to admit that the information contained in this ebook can be found all over the Internet for free. Do we encourage you to run around the Internet like a maniac and find it all? Your welcome to if you want, but since it’s already been done for you, let’s talk about that instead.

This ebook is 30-pages and covers topics such as changing how you cook, exercising, what to drink, and consistency. Nothing new as far as weight loss books go, right? Right. Now let us tell you what did make this ebook different:

  • The ebook does not claim to help you lose mass amounts of weight in a matter of days. This ebook wants to help you lose the first ten pounds. It helps you to set a realistic goal and gives you tools to make it happen.
  • We love the way this ebook is written. It feels like a conversation with an honest friend who is knowledgeable about weight loss.
  • The ebook is broken up into 100 short and easy to understand tips to help you shake off that first ten pounds.
  • Finally, lots of description and explanation throughout the book let us know that this ebook was written with a lot of research instead of simply being slapped together in order to make a quick buck.

Does Topportunities recommend this ebook? Yes, we do. There was a little bit of doubt when it showed up in our inbox and we are very happy that it passed our review standards.

Already have a copy of this product? Please leave your own review in the comments section below.

Three Subscription Websites that Will Benefit Elementary Schools

Three Subscription Websites that Will Benefit Elementary Schools

There are many wonderful resources on the Internet for elementary education. Even though budgets are currently tight for many school systems, some of the best resources require a subscription fee and deservedly so. The good news is that due to the tough economy, it may be possible to get discounts on these subscriptions making them affordable for many schools that might not have considered them previously.

#1 Educational Videos and Lessons with Discovery Education

The first of three subscription websites that will benefit elementary schools is Discovery Education. This service was previously called United Streaming and offers schools the ability to either download or stream high quality educational programs from the Discovery Channel and others. All videos are organized by grade level and topic and usually even by state curriculum standards. One very nice feature of Discovery Education is that all the videos are broken up into segments so that you can download and show only the portion of the show or documentary that you want your students to see. One final benefit to Discovery Education is that most of the videos come with lesson plans and even manipulatives to provide you with a complete lesson for your K-12 classroom. If you are looking for a video on demand service for your school or district, Discovery Education is one of the best services that you could choose.

#2 Teach Vital Skills with Education City

The second of three subscription websites that will benefit elementary schools is Education City. Education City is a skill building website that can be customized to the specific needs of a student. Using the My City feature teachers can pick skills that the student needs to work on and then receive detailed reports as the student uses Education City. Education City is highly animated and students seem eager to use it whenever given the chance. Education city is divided into grade levels and then subjects offering Language Arts, Math, and Science modules. They even offer the modules in Spanish if your school has a high ESL population. The activities are varied and the animation never gets in the way of actual learning with a good ratio of work vs. animated reward. If you go to EducationCity.com you can request a free 22 day trial for your school and give it a shot. Education City has had several great discounts lately so if you are looking for skill building and review software for your school there may not be a better time to obtain this valuable resource.

#3 Professional Development with PD360

The third and final of three subscription websites that will benefit elementary schools is PD360. PD360 is a professional development service combined with a quasi social networking platform for teachers. With PD360 your school gains access to a wealth of professional development videos from some of the top names in Education. These videos are broken up into segments and include reflection questions for both after the video has been watched and for several days later when you have digested the information. The second part of PD360 is a professional social network for teachers across the United States to ask questions, compare strategies, and share lesson plans and other resources. If your district needs an economical platform for staff development that doesn't require substitutes and travel then PD360 might be what you are looking for.


In these times of economical turmoil it can be difficult for school systems to justify spending money on subscription services. However, if the resources are available these websites offer materials and activities that can substantially enhance the elementary curriculum. Finally, if you are looking for free software alternatives that might enhance your elementary school then take a look at my guide on free alternatives to expensive software.

Identifying Military Buttons

Identifying Military Buttons

Design Factor

Uniform buttons have both functional and decorative purposes. The art of identifying military buttons is not only logical but interesting as well. The design would pinpoint the service, regiment or state militia to which the bearer belonged and the date it represented. The US Army buttons have been using the eagle crest since around 1808.

The earliest period in which the symbol has been used was in 1797. Changes were made starting with the horizontal positioning in 1852. Then in the midst of World War II, regulations turned the eagle’s head to face the right, connoting honor against a backdrop of turmoil. Marine corps, on the other hand, changed very little from its original design in 1821.

Age Indicators

The button’s construction and material is also a good indicator of its age. During war times, Army uniform buttons were made from plastic to save on brass, which was more needed in making arms and weaponry. Navy uniforms worked in a different manner.

Officers and Chief Petty Officers wore gilt brass buttons in WWII. The gray working uniforms had black plastic buttons while green aviation uniform bore the ones with antique enamel finish. Officers, stewards and cooks used an additional white button with an anchor design.

Markings at the Back

Look for the manufacturer’s markings at the back of the buttons. It’s also a good dating method in military buttons but is not conclusive. The Scovill backmark lettering system along with the dots and stars is not always indicative of the period in which the button was used.

While the text didn’t change, Scovill used different embellishments from time to time. Thus you may encounter a ring of dots in a button with an 1850 backmark but none in buttons of a more modern period.


Another helpful factor in identifying military buttons is to check the shank, the attachment that holds the button in its place. If you see a shank soldered at the base, the buttons came from an older period such as the 18th and 19th centuries. Civil War buttons also had that mushrooming effect in the shanks as well.

In 1813, shank came in the form of two pieces crimped together. Then came the two-piece hollow rounded buttons held together by a thin rim invented during 1830s. Shanks that are set into the buttonholes were seen after World War I. And from 1880s to 1920s, innovations such as stamped brass turret and tinned iron back buttons came into being.

How to Use Military Technology to Keep Your Phone Secure

How to Use Military Technology to Keep Your Phone Secure

As media consumption grows higher and we use our mobile phones more and more for things like streaming media and catching up on the latest programmes on the iPlayer, there has been a corresponding shift towards larger and larger screens. This means we can watch our favourite things in widescreen comfort with glowing colour and clear resolution, improving the user experience no end and giving us all something interesting to occupy our minds with on those long train journeys.

The one drawback to this is that the screens are so big that they are even easier to scratch and damage, as can be seen easily with recent widescreen handset releases such as the HTC Desire and the Sony Ericsson X10. Certainly, finding a big enough and safe enough Xperia X10 case could be a mean feat, and that can be the case for many phones these days.

A brilliant alternative to your traditional case is the InvisibleSHIELD, which is a specialist film made from the world’s most durable and tough material. Originally invented in a military capacity, the InvisibleSHIELD was designed to protect the edges of helicopter blades as they fly through all the elements at hundreds of miles an hour, withstanding all kinds of wind and weather. This means that it should be more than capable of keeping your phone safe, no matter what you’re doing. And for big kids, there’s that thrill of knowing you’re using what was once state-of-the-art military tech for your own little day-to-day missions, be it a daredevil journey to the office or a long and tiring march of endurance to the corner shop and back.

It’s available for a range of phones and should be more than up for the job of protecting even the largest screens. Stick it on your mobile as soon as you take it out of the box, and you’ll be feeling just like Action Man straight away!

How to Select a Good Book

How to Select a Good Book

Selecting a good book can be a challenge but with these steps, you’ll be reading one in no time!

Books are like friends. You never do or make friendship with a person at first sight. Most often, the reason is you do not know much about him and much risk are involved. Likewise you never choose a book from a bookstore or library without much thought. If you do its consequences are many. So you think much before selecting a book, because you need to spend lot time with it. If it’s not worth readable it’s merely a time waste.

A poor selection of a book like the poor choice of a friend leaves you with lot of disappointment and frustration. You may later think that, oh, I would have spent that time with a good friend or a fascinating book how well it would have been.

Here are some simple tips or suggestions to help you in selecting a good book:

List Top 20 Books.

Make a list of all the books you would like to read. Then following the given suggestion select from that list the 20 books you would most want to read. Please remember do not include the Bible or any other religious books in that list if you read that daily in a systematic way.

When you finish reading one of the top 20, select another from your first list to replace the read one. Always feel free to change your mind to replace one book from the already selected top 20 list. Move down some, erase some and include whatever you like according to your choice. This can be done at any time.

How do you select the top twenty from your large reserve list is a big task. Don’t worry here are some suggestion to that.

Select Books That Will Help You.

You would never knowingly choose a friend who would let you down or cheat. So likewise, choose books that inspire you, encourage you, and lift you up.

Choose books that tell you things you want to know and give you something to think or ponder over and to adopt with.

Select books that generate a divine hunger for life that quite often secular books won’t give.

Select Only the Books You Really Want to Read Through

The books that you are forced to read may seem like an unwanted guest at home. You may invite them just because you can’t just avoid. In such cases its better to avoid such books. You only can decide what you want and what you like to read.

Select Only the Books That Have a Good Reputation.

Listen and read reviews about books what others say about it. Check up with your school, college or public librarian about the list of good books that have stood the time. Its better to avoid a “best seller” lists. Best sellers are soon forgotten and bite the dust.

Stick to Your Plan

Overcome the temptation to read books that are not in your planned list. Read a bit every day and you will notice a big difference in the days to come. Best wishes for a happy selection and a happy reading ahead.

Book Review: Devotion a Memoir by Dani Shapiro

Book Review: Devotion a Memoir by Dani Shapiro

Devotion a memoir by Dani Shapiro is a book I wanted to love. Shapiro has written a number of novels and is also the author of Slow Motion the story about her early twenties where she was a mess and then getting her life back on track after her father dies when she is twenty-three. This book also spends a lot of time focusing on the relationship or the lack of relationship she had with her father while he was alive.

Shapiro is a beautiful woman ( as demonstrated on the back page photo) who is married to a screen writer and lives on ten acres in Litchfied County Connecticut one of the richest counties in the United States. She has a wonderful career and a happy marriage and a son who suffered from a life threatening illness when he was an infant but by whatever grace is out there her son recovered and throughout the book which appears to take place over three years he is a happy, healthy, smart and delightful little boy. Ms. Shapiro does not share these traits with her son. She like so many other middle aged women feels the stress of realizing that her life is half over. That her father died to early and he was never able to see her son or her own success. Her mother was never able to love her and remained angry at the world and her fathers family up to and after her death even refusing to be buried in her husband’s family plot.

It is apparent throughout the book that Ms. Shapiro has had a fairly gifted life in terms of not ever really having to struggle for money or acceptance. She was loved and she is successful. Her existential crisis comes in her forties after living through 9/11 and the loss of a number of pregnancy. The author decides to go no a search for the truth. Her search consists of a few yoga retreats, a couple of visits to different temples to find where she and her family fit in being one of the few Jews in her part of Connecticut and reaching out to an aunt whose entire family is orthodox.

She finds some answers but they appear to be answers that are prepackaged and had to be found by her deadline. Whole sections of the book consist of definition of words that she deems important in her search.

As I stated before I really wanted to love this book but I did not it is self indulgent and mediocre. Not once during her search for meaning did she do anything that really had to involve stretching the boundaries of her life and never once did she mention that part of the answer of the search might involve finding something and becoming involved in something that was bigger then herself, her husband and her son.

Her search consisted of yoga retreats, reading, doing yoga in the bedroom of what one can only assume is a mini-mansion on her ten acres of farmland in Connecticut.

I do not know if Ms. Shapiro is really looking for the meaning of life and/or for her place in the cosmos but if she is the “answers” she finds in this book will not long sustain her because they involve nothing outside of herself. If Ms. Shapiro really wants to find meaning in life and rituals I suggest she get out of her fifth avenue, bergdoff Goodman’s privileged life and bring her yoga skills to children and women living in poverty or her writing skills not to the fancy liberal arts college but to a community college anywhere and with anyone that has to look the beast in the eye on a daily basis and still manages to get up and live.

American Idol’s Kristy Lee Cook Takes on Mariah Carey: Will She Stay "Forever"?

American Idol’s Kristy Lee Cook Takes on Mariah Carey: Will She Stay "Forever"?

Tonight, on April 15, the American Idol Top 7 performed songs by Mariah Carey. Although Kristy Lee Cook has never been one of my favorites on American Idol, I have to admit that she did well this week. She is finally coming into her own on American Idol, and is learning how to appeal to her fanbase. Kristy Lee Cook performed Mariah Carey’s “Forever.” Will this keep her around “Forever” on American Idol?

American Idol Judges’ Comments:

Mariah liked the fact that Kristy Lee Cook took on one of her lesser known songs.

Randy didn’t think it was “amazing,” but gave Kristy Lee Cook props for “stepping it up at the end.”

Paula loved the arrangement and the way Kristy Lee Cook turned it into a country hit. It was a smart move that would appeal to her demographic.

Simon thought it was a bit whiny, but also pointed out that Kristy Lee Cook probably wasn’t thrilled when she found out it was a Mariah Carey themed week.

My Critique:

Kristy Lee Cook is a ‘niche’ singer with a style that people either love or hate. Although I’m not a huge fan of Kristy Lee Cook, she’s grown on me in the past two weeks. As a country fan, I can appreciate a rendition of Martina or a country-arranged Mariah song. While I agree with Simon that her voice is a bit whiny, Kristy Lee Cook does know how to emote a country song. It will be very interesting to see what happens this week on American Idol. Audiences tend to be unforgiving. She’s had a few less than stellar performances on American Idol, and has outlasted talented singers such as Michael Johns. However, she is starting to find herself as a performer, and she knows how to cater to her American Idol demographic. If Kristy Lee Cook survives, it will be based on this week’s performances. If she leaves, it will be the result of previous performances.

Is Kristy Lee Cook a front-runner on American Idol?

Kristy Lee Cook may survive for a few more weeks on American Idol. If she improves every week, she may even be the last girl standing, but I don’t think she can win. American Idol already has so many pretty blonde country girls: Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Jessica Sierra, and Carmen Rasmussen. The front-runners on this year’s American Idol are David Cook and David Archuleta.