Which Nutrisystem Coupon Saves the Most Money?

In this article, I will discuss the basics of the NutriSystem diet, how it works, and will list some of the food choices available as well as the celebrities who have eaten them. I've also included information about what I feel are the best NutriSystem coupons which will save you the most money.

The NutriSystem Diet And The Celebrities Who Promote It: If you're considering the NutriSystem diet, chances are you're already researched this celebrity diet plan that is or has been endorsed by celebrities like Jillian Barberie, Tori Spelling, Danielle Fishel, Marie Osmond, Joey Fatone (both of Dancing With The Stars) and Dan Marino. You've probably seen the before and afters of Jillian Barberie and Danielle Fishel in bikinis after losing about 40 pounds. The results are pretty dramatic to say the least. Jillian Barberie in particular has been making the rounds claiming she ate pizza, tacos and chocolate on Nutrisystem and still dropped tons of weight.

NutriSystem Food Choices: I'm sure you've done your research and you know that there are well over 130 low glycemic NutriSystem foods from which to chose – which include many comfort goods like burgers, ravioli, enchiladas and tons of desserts. (Yep, Jillian was being truthful.) I do not find the Nutrisystem foods to be bad at all. I do sometimes add fat free cream cheese of salsa to jazz some of offerings up, but by and large they are very edible and convenient. None of them take more than 2 minutes to prepare. (You can add your own additions like salad, veggies and fruit to make the meals more substantial and complete.) There are no calories to count of points to total. You just eat the company's foods and know you are eating low calorie, high protein foods. (There is a link to a list of all of the Nutrisystem foods at the end of this article.)

NutriSystem Costs, Specials, Discounts, And Coupons: Most people buy nutrisystem monthly packages and these cost from $8 to $10 per day. This is pretty reasonable considering you will be eating five times per day. However, there are always coupons available. (See below.) Additionally, the company has begun including tons of extras to entice consumers. For example, each package now includes mindset makeover motivation, a fitness DVD, and free weight loss counseling. The NutriSystem website has always been full of support, but now one on one support is available for free. (For a long time, Jenny Craig offered this while NutriSystem did not. This is no longer true.)

Currently, Nutrisystem is giving away full weeks of free food with special packages. If you are willing to receive regular monthly shipments, the company is offering three weeks of free meals. (Link: Get 3 weeks of free food from NutriSystem!) This is really cost effective and cheaper than groceries in today's economy. The company is also offering two weeks free on new orders. (Link: Try our delicious foods at NutriSystem & eat FREE for 2 weeks with the purchase of a 28-Day program on Auto-Delivery.) Either of these offers should save you well over $50. You will get enough breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks to eat five times per day for entire month. You can go with the most popular items to compose your package or you can customize your own, filling it with your own preferences and favorite foods.