The Joy of Using Coupons to Save Money in Slumping Economy

With prices soaring on gas prices nationwide and the cost of almost everything else going berserk, coupons are on the rise to popularity once again.

Well, OK, maybe not popular like Britney Spears or anything. But who doesn't appreciate a little help from a little friendly coupon every now and then? Embarrassed are you to admit you clip coupons? Why? It will be you laughing out loud when you can actually see the savings in your bank account. And why stop at coupons? Rebates are great money savers and give you a chance to try a great product. And these savings are everywhere. It just takes a little time and effort.

Entertainment books.
Entertainment books are a great way to save money, especially if you are always on the go. These books have a plethora of savings ranging from dining, entertainment, personal services, car rentals, oil changes and even travel discounts. All of our local favorites are in the book from fast food restaurants to fine dining. Most offers are BOGO (buy one get one free) and some offers are savings of over $200. These books can be purchased right around the beginning of a school year from most school fundraisers or you can get one at a local bank or store. PS, they're cheaper if you buy them from a school fundraiser.

Rebate savers booklets from Walgreens.
What a great little booklet! So full of coupons and lots of rebates! Yes, you spend a little when you buy the products but I have had the pleasure of enjoying "free" shampoo, lotions, hair color, candy, toothpaste, toothbrushes, games, toys; shall I go on? Just remember to save you receipts. You'll need them to claim your rebate. In about 2-4 weeks, a nice check comes in the mail or Walgreens even offers to put your rebate amount on a gift card and will add a 10% increase to do so.
Speaking of rebates, a lot of products have money back offers right on the package.

Check out your local newspapers! Those weekly adds have wonderful sales throughout. And a lot of times, there are some handy, dandy coupons right on the add to give you more savings. Magazines have coupons too.
Don't forget those magazine stands that are located in front of a convenient store, grocery store or hotel. Those free brochures usually carry coupons for hotel or motel rentals, car rentals and restaurants in and out of town.

The internet is a great way to save money. Say you want to try the new frozen dinner entre you saw in your grocer's freezer. Plug in the product name online and you can usually find a coupon or a rebate offer. There are also many online sites that dedicate their webpage to money savers. and are great sources for on the spot coupons. And some restaurants and establishments are most grateful if you sign up to receive their weekly or monthly newsletter online that they will email you coupons or savings certificates. and send me great deals every month!

Some credit card companies offer deals on merchandise just for being a loyal customer. Usually you have to sign up online to see how you can spend your points you've earned. Just check your monthly billing statement for details. Incidentally, with gas prices going up, a lot of gas credit card companies like Phillips66 and Conoco offer % rebates for using their credit card for other purchases.

Airline frequent flyer points. Don't let them go to waste! A good amount of points can get you a great deal on a flight saving hundreds of dollars.

Not a coupon clipper but want to take advantage of free stuff? A lot of radio stations have a website that have "contest" pages that offer free goodies if you sign up to be a member. Or they advertise for restaurants or other establishments and have savings offers linked right on their web page. If you blink, you might miss the tiny Domino's Pizza advertisement that offers a buy 1 get one free deal.

There are many ways to save money. We have to take advantage of any savings that are out there. We need all the help we can get!