Pray for Our Military and Our Allies

Readers, the world needs to pray
for our service men, women, allies risking their lives every day.
Many are young and just out of high school
tramping the foreign battlefields to protect me and you.

They don’t have time to get a good nights rest
or sit in the pews at their churches to feel blessed.
They sleep in their dug outs…get a wink or maybe a few
no time to enjoy a walk through the mornings dew.

They eat their meals when they can sneak a bite
never know what kind of actions they’ll have to fight.
They don’t have the luxury of a good warm bath
nor get to walk with their families down a wooded path.

Can you imagine the lonely days and nights they have
when I think about it, it makes me…hurt and feel sad?
Readers, remember to pray for our brave women and men
who stand their watch, fight, and hoping they’ll soon win.

We need to pray for God to bless, protect, each and everyone of them
while they’re fighting hard…a war that’s difficult to see an end.
Pray God keeps them safe…brings them back to their homeland
we’ll open our arms to welcome them back, give thanks to the “Great I Am.”