Our Military and Their Sacrifice

The armed forces of the United States stand vigilant and on guard protecting your basic liberties and freedoms. The average American takes their freedom for granted. It's easy to overlook the costs of this freedom as our troops put their lives on the line and are falling daily in the conflicts overseas, primarily Afghanistan and Iraq. Back here in the states we go about our daily lives , biggest concerns we may have are paying the rent, what are we going to eat Friday night, etc, as we notice a headline that 2 more soldiers died in a IED explosion in some back alley street in Iraq. Quickly, we read the article, maybe say, oh darn, sure hope this war ends soon, and then go right back to worrying about Friday night's dinner.

So what is the cost of this thing we call freedom, observing our liberties with little care in the world? Well it's a bit higher than most realize. Blood, anguish, pain, and loss. The cost is blood when a soldier has made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down his or her life in the line of duty. A family experiences the unfixable void of emptiness when you have just been informed a loved one has died in service of their country. Pain can be in many forms. It may be the pain a soldier experiences in simply being away from the family while doing a tour of duty, or could be the pain of injuries while in combat. But the pain can also be what the family feels when learning something has happened to their loved ones. Loss goes hand in hand with anguish as it does with pain; unless you have felt it there is really no way I can put it into words.

The bottom line is our freedoms we enjoy as Americans, come from the blood of our service men and women, who have laid down their lives for us. Our freedom has been purchased by their friends and family that have lost their dear loved ones. Our servicemen and woman make so many sacrifices that I would need a book to even touch the surface of what they do. I am ex military Myself, I hold no person in higher regard then I do those that stand the line keeping us safe, those who sacrifice their personal freedoms, so that we may enjoy ours.