New Stars of Creative Video, Web, and Social Media Grace Sydney, Australia

It's not often that a group of incredibly talented musicians, artists, photographers, designers, computer graphic artists and producers explode on the art scene. One rare and surprisingly versatile group has done just that: meet The Creative Foundry from Balmain, Sydney, Australia.

"My business partner and I worked together and for a company and then wanted to start a business. We have always had a keen eye for film and saw a gap in the market for high quality video production."

That's a bit of an understatement. This group has flourished in a down market by being capable enough to gain prominent clients such as Ugg Boots and The Porsche Store. Their video production of the events is professional, posh, swanky, heart-pounding, and cutting-edge. From local bands to fashion shoots, it seems that they are capable of anything. I wouldn't be surprised a year or two from now to see that they've created an independent film worthy of worldwide praise. And there's no stopping them.

Photo shoots, high end product launches and band vids aren't the only thing they're reining in. Videos of large concerts, complete with mixing and editing seem like child's play to The Creative Foundry. Recently finishing up with two concerts of wizard spinners Andy Moor and John O' Callaghan, they've also launched two music vids for Mission In Motion "New Skin' and Justine Eltakchi's debut single 'Autumn Love'. Mastery of social media is another of their products, from websites that tantalize the eye and ear to specialized advertising, and design of social media web pages to garner more awareness of up-and-coming products.

The Creative Foundry is a company that is a creative hub for all the creative industries, where the young and most talented people want to work. For a company that started only several months ago, they are leaping forward as if they've got the energy of giants, and the muses are with them. They are shining stars in a new sky, and are going to excite, entertain, and delight both their audiences and their clients for a long, long time. Check out their videos of photo shoots, launch parties, music videos and concerts at: