Heraclitus Biography

Heraclitus was born 535 BCE in Ephesus, Ionia, on the coast of Asia Minor. He was a Pre Socratic Greek Philosopher making his work to be considered some of the world's first philosophical work regarding western philosophy. Very little is known about his early life or where he received any of his education, but through his work he is described as self-taught and a pioneer of human wisdom. Not much can be traced of any type of education he may have received besides that he may have associated with other famous pre Socratic philosophers such as Xenophanes and Pythagoras. His topic areas of philosophy were in metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. He even had an interest in the political side of life. The most notable works from Heraclitus is his philosophy on the unity of opposites and his idea of change being central to the universe. For example he mentioned that you cannot step in the same stream twice because it is ever flowing or '˜logos,' as well as that path that goes up and the path that goes down are one in the same. He was also known as the '˜weeping philosopher' and the '˜riddler' because of his unclear philosophy that made it seem as though someone capable should only be allowed to attempt it. Heraclitus spoke about the world around him from a philosophical perspective he felt that cannot be just taught through books but had to be taught through communication with others. Although most of Heraclitus's work only survives now in fragments quoted by other authors, he work did start the group known as Heracliteans. These were partisans of Heraclitus's philosophy that supported it and spread its popularity. Heraclitus lived to be around sixty years old and died in 475 BCE. He lived and flourished during the 69th Olympiad.


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