Great, Funny & Useful Websites for Bridesmaids

Are you a bridesmaid? Are you going to be one very soon? Being a bridesmaid is a lot of fun – but it is also a lot of responsibility. Every bride really wants their day to be perfect. And planning a wedding has lots of little details. A bride typically asks her bridesmaids and Maid of Honor for help with various things in planning her wedding. Traditionally the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids plan a bridal shower, and sometimes also a bachelorette party.

Many women have walked in your satin dyed-to-match pumps before you. Fortunately they have sage and funny advice to offer you that will help with your bridesmaid's duties. Here are some great websites that every bridesmaid should consider visiting before putting on that great dress, you know, the one that you'll be able to wear again – at least the bride said so…. hey, they always say so!

Bridesmaid Aid

This website was created by two friends, Ellen Horowitz and Joanna Dreifus who have attended nearly thirty weddings and have been bridesmaids countless times. They created the website as a resource for fellow bridesmaids with lots of tips on how to be a great bridesmaid, but also a place where you could have a good laugh.

Ugly Dress

There is truly nothing like an ugly bridesmaid dress. Many bridesmaids have endured a bridesmaids dress that wasn't their taste, and some have worn a dress that was truly horrific. This website is for the truly tacky, the totally horrible. If you are preparing to wear an ugly dress at a wedding, or you are looking at bridesmaids dresses, you will no doubt laugh out loud at this great website.

Blissweddings, Bridal Showers section

The Bridal Showers section of has lots of great games that you can plan for people to play at the bridal shower. It also has ideas for a Jack and Jill (co-ed) wedding shower. There are more than eighty bridal shower themes given. You can also find poems to use for the bridal shower at this website. Great for Maid of Honor and fellow bridesmaids planning the bridal shower.

A Bridal Shower

This website has lots of great ideas for planning a bridal shower. There is information on bridal shower games, favors, food, themes, centerpieces, invitations, gifts, party ideas, decorations, and even clip art that you can use on the invitations. This website has so many great tips that you can use to plan a bridal shower.

Bachelorette Party Tips

This website is for planning either a bachelorette or a bachelor party. You'll find lots of great party planning tips for planning a bachelorette party. The website is written using the male pronoun however, so simple substitute all of the "he's" with a "she". The tips are great, but they should have built a different website for bachelorettes.