Brock Lesnar’s Autobiography is Coming in May

Many Brock Lesnar fans will be very leased to know that the fighter has an autobiography coming out in May. That’s right, Brock Lesnar, who is usually a very private person, will be releasing his official autobiography come May. The autobiography will be for sale on May 24th. Brock Lesnar‘s autobiography is titled “Death Clutch: My story of determination, domination, and survival.” Fans who want to make sure they get a copy can actually go to Amazon and pre-order Lesnar’s book.

Brock Lesnar enlisted some help for his book. Lesnar had his book co-written by his friend Paul Heyman. Yes, the Paul Heyman who helped ECW rise in the 1990s. Fans who want to get an idea of what will be in Lesnar’s book can go to Heyman’s website, because throughout the next few weeks, Heyman will give a sneak peek of what will be in Lesnar’s book.

Brock Lesnar’s book is going to be interesting, and fans are eager to get a glimpse at Lesnar’s personal life. There are a lot of different topics that fans want to know about, and maybe a lot of these topics will be covered in Brock Lesnar’s autobiography. Paul Heyman is actually a very good writer, and his style of writing is great. I have a feeling that Lesnar’s book is going to sell a whole lot of copies, but I am wondering how people are going to react to Lesnar’s book. I think the reaction is going to be quite interesting, and good, with a lot of positive feedback. Then again I could be wrong, but once May gets here, we all will be able to pick up the book and read the many opinions that will come soon after Lesnar’s book release.

Are you going to pick up a copy of Lesnar’s autobiography? Are you looking forward to his book release. Leave an honest comment and let me know.