Best Free Web Browsers for Your Children Online

As a parent we want to give our children the opportunity to play games on the internet. There are many educational games, and ones that spur the imagination. Of course our first priority is to be sure while they are having fun they are safe. Here are some web browsers that you can download for free, they can play the games and you will be able to monitor them.

Both my elementary school age daughters love to play the games on the kids web browser. It was first brought to my attention by one of her teachers. It is free and easy to download, it is also super easy for my four year old to navigate through safely on her own. It features two and a half million different internet websites, videos and games that are approved by teachers and parents alike.

It is designed for children ages 3 to 12, there are even resources available on it for your child to get help with their homework. Once you are signed up parents get a weekly email that tells you where and what your children are doing on Kidzui. It comes with a parental account where you can control even more safety settings. The site is sponsored by Comcast, another great feature is that is has no chat rooms, texting or anything similar. You will see on their website they have receive positive press from: The Today Show, CNN, USA Today, The New York Post and even The Wall Street Journal.?

This award winning browser for children is very cute and appealing for your kids, but also has all the features parents want to keep them safe while on the internet. This internet browser is 100% free to download, and also free of spy ware, ad ware, hacker safe and has a pop up blocker. It has been featured by: USA Today, C/Net, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. New, The New York Times and CNN.

Made for children ages 4 to 14, this browser is colorful, fun, engaging and easy for them to use. It has user friendly parent controls, flash games for children to improve their learning and rewards for children to encourage their learning. Parents have options of limiting time use online, receiving parental reports and locking controls.?

Many parents remember McGruff the crime dog fro school when we were young, teaching us about all kinds of safety. With help from “The National Crime Prevention Council” and “The Children’s Educational Network” they launched “The McGruff Kid Safe Internet Browser For Kids”. This free web browser for children allows them to surf safe approved internet websites and play games. With over 10,000 websites available with just one click they will have access to all kinds of educational and cool games.

As a parent you have the freedom to create separate accounts for each child in your family, with custom age appropriate content. You are also able to choose from different themes for boys and girls. You will also be able to ban certain words, change passwords as you see needed and ban or add websites that you want your child to have access to. You will also receive a free trial to “Club Tuki – The Ultimate Kids Internet”, the first Internet Safety Education Arcade. Where children not only get to watch Tuki television, which shows clean, appropriate entertaining television. And as they play the games they have the opportunity to earn Tuki moola for their online bank account, to help them learn about finance and money responsibilities.