American Military University

When soldiers are faced with deployment, many think they will not have time for online courses but they will see that they are wrong when faced with a lot of down time.

While in Kuwait, I was lured to the education office where counselors set up my Tuition Assistance. Considering the college I was accepted to do not have many online options, I settled with American Military University. Even though I was new to online schooling, AMU had a course where they taught me all about the system and where to find resources for future courses. Many of the courses that I took were very flexible and majority of them had assignments due on Sundays. That gives students a whole week to complete their work without having to worry about being late.

Many soldiers will see that some days overseas may be busy than others. However, it is easy to organize a certain time of day to complete assignments. My military occupational specialty (MOS) allowed me to bring my assignments during duty hours so I had plenty of time to complete them. Even though the deadlines for the assignments are Sundays, students are allowed to turn in assignments early. Some courses will have discussion assignments due on Wednesdays, so soldiers would have to work hard to get those done in time.

All courses come with a syllabus that outlines all the assignments and the due dates. Therefore, it is easy to get ahead when military students feel they may be busy with work for a couple days. However, some instructors only allow a couple assignments to be turned in at one time. Turning assignments in early is great for military students in movement so they will not have to be forced to drop a course due to their military commitments.

Dropping and withdrawing courses is a simple process. However, students are only given a week after the course starts to drop without any penalties. AMU also allows students to take one course at a time so there is no pressure on keeping up with credits to stay in good status. AMU also works great with the 100% Tuition Assistance so military students are not obligated to pay a dime. This is why it is very important for those deployed to find an education office so the process will be simpler.

AMU is an accredited school so the courses a student takes may roll over to other colleges. Plus, the credits can also go towards promotion points for soldiers. AMU also offers certifications along with Bachelor and Associate Degrees. There are many different options that suit everyone. Some of the degrees can also be more helpful towards a military career rather than a civilian career. The instructors are also flexible as they know many of their students are deployed. My experience with American Military University was very positive and I recommend it for all, especially for soldiers who would like to continue their education while deployed.