American Idol’s Kristy Lee Cook Takes on Mariah Carey: Will She Stay "Forever"?

Tonight, on April 15, the American Idol Top 7 performed songs by Mariah Carey. Although Kristy Lee Cook has never been one of my favorites on American Idol, I have to admit that she did well this week. She is finally coming into her own on American Idol, and is learning how to appeal to her fanbase. Kristy Lee Cook performed Mariah Carey’s “Forever.” Will this keep her around “Forever” on American Idol?

American Idol Judges’ Comments:

Mariah liked the fact that Kristy Lee Cook took on one of her lesser known songs.

Randy didn’t think it was “amazing,” but gave Kristy Lee Cook props for “stepping it up at the end.”

Paula loved the arrangement and the way Kristy Lee Cook turned it into a country hit. It was a smart move that would appeal to her demographic.

Simon thought it was a bit whiny, but also pointed out that Kristy Lee Cook probably wasn’t thrilled when she found out it was a Mariah Carey themed week.

My Critique:

Kristy Lee Cook is a ‘niche’ singer with a style that people either love or hate. Although I’m not a huge fan of Kristy Lee Cook, she’s grown on me in the past two weeks. As a country fan, I can appreciate a rendition of Martina or a country-arranged Mariah song. While I agree with Simon that her voice is a bit whiny, Kristy Lee Cook does know how to emote a country song. It will be very interesting to see what happens this week on American Idol. Audiences tend to be unforgiving. She’s had a few less than stellar performances on American Idol, and has outlasted talented singers such as Michael Johns. However, she is starting to find herself as a performer, and she knows how to cater to her American Idol demographic. If Kristy Lee Cook survives, it will be based on this week’s performances. If she leaves, it will be the result of previous performances.

Is Kristy Lee Cook a front-runner on American Idol?

Kristy Lee Cook may survive for a few more weeks on American Idol. If she improves every week, she may even be the last girl standing, but I don’t think she can win. American Idol already has so many pretty blonde country girls: Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Jessica Sierra, and Carmen Rasmussen. The front-runners on this year’s American Idol are David Cook and David Archuleta.