American Idol or American "EyeDoll"! – David Cook and Michael Johns Steal This Weeks Performance!

Too many "Cooks" in the kitchen? We don't think so…. Saving the best for last?


What a performance David Cook gave us! It was a slam dunk and hands down our favorite performance of the night! Paula was so moved by David Cook's performance she said she couldn't sit down! We agree!!!! What a treat! Smooth as cream the voice of David Cook filled the air and we all agree we want his first CD! That's a CD we could listen to over and over…. great job David.

Kristy Lee Cook is the country singer of the bunch, she has the looks and the sound and it will be a shock if we don't see her cd's in the near future.

Ramiele, is cute as a button but just couldn't pull off a "Heart" song like Carly can. She has great potential but she has yet to WOW us with what she can do But we continue to wait with anticipation!

Jason is one of the soft hearts of the bunch. With those cool tender eyes he has the crowd swooning as he strums his guitar, he continues to pick songs that speak, singing one of Randy Jackson's favorite Sting songs.

Syesha remains constant and performs outstanding each and every time. What a powerful voice! Though it seems like Simon can't find it in himself to compliment her she is still one of our favs!

Chikezie you have surprised us! You have the Luther Vandross "like" voice however you stand out uniquely, with a Wayne Brady walk you shine through the entire crowd and we look forward to your performance each and every week.

Brook …you have the sound that stands out too. This is truly a difficult year as there is so much talent! We could listen to one of your cd's as well!

Michael Johns is another contender that has us eagerly awaiting his next performance. He has such a unique sound. This is a tough year because it is so FULL of talent! Great job Michael!

Carly you are a female powerhouse! You have the look and the sound to go all the way. With your cute Irish accent and air we look forward each week to your performance too. Great job!

David Archuleta well, what can we say…you have SOOO much ahead of you, as you are another one of the soft hearts. You too picks songs that have meaning to them! Please, Please keep your innocence about you. The girls can't help but fall for you. Continue to be gentle and kind. You have our vote! Our whole household! Your CD's will be on our shelf!

Tough call for the jidges (as Cat Deely would say from "So You Think you can Dance").

Who will be eliminated…..who is next to go….on American Eye Doll? Tomorrow is too far away!