Top 5 Mutual Fund Research Websites

If you are like me and many other investors, it is quite likely that at some point you have been looking for information regarding the top sites to research mutual funds. With over 8,000 mutual funds available, there is certainly a need for some diligent research to find which one may be the best to fit into your portfolio. Today I'm going to take a look at the top sites where you can find comprehensive data to analyze the best funds in each area. You can then match that information to your personal portfolio needs and find the perfect fund for you. For this list I intentionally only included websites that are available to everyone, so while your broker might have great on line mutual fund research, it isn't available to everyone and therefore it isn't on the list!

Top Five Mutual Fund Research Websites

  1.  Morningstar- They have to be number one. Though they now have a nice stock research site as well, the mutual fund research has always been the number one priority at Morningstar. The free fund screener here is very impressive, and the fund picks and pans are always very helpful. The innovative Morningstar ranking system has changed mutual fund research as a whole, and while it may be slightly backward looking it is a great tool to use in finding the consistently top performing funds.
  2.  Wall Street Journal Online- As recently as a couple of years ago I had no idea that the WSJ Online site was so helpful in finding valuable information about mutual funds. This site is great to use after you already have a list of funds you are considering and want to look them up individually. I really like the risk assessments that they give each mutual fund. They do a very good job of breaking down performance vs. peers, which in most cases is even more important than performance against the overall market.
  3.  Yahoo Finance- Though I like their site a little better for individual stocks, the mutual fund research is quite good. The mutual fund center page is a page that I find very easy to navigate through. The education portion of the site is also very helpful if you are still curious as to which kind of mutual fund would be the right type for you. The Prospectus Finder is a tool that many people don't know about, but it can prove very useful. Yahoo scores points for a quick and easy site.
  4.  MSN Money- MSN has a very underrated stock and mutual fund research area at their site. The mutual fund research site includes some nice pre-built fund screeners for those who want to move quickly. The top performers search is also faster on this site than it is on most of the other mutual fund research sites. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the others, MSN Money is a helpful and quick way to compare funds.
  5.  CNN Money- This site has different strong points than many of the others. The columns here tend to be very well written and extremely informative. While the actual fund research is not as stellar as the others, the columns make this site worth a look. They have a nice little mutual fund education section as well which can help with when to get rid of under performing fund or determining the actual expense ratio of top funds.

The next time you are looking for a mutual fund to add to your portfolio keep these five sites in mind.