Print Coupons to Save Money Every Week

Print Coupons to Save Money Every Week

In this article you will learn how I save money with coupons. I will tell you the places I go to the most often to do this.

There are many websites that say they have coupons and coupon codes that you can load onto your card. I only trust a handful of them and here are my most popular ones. is my go to website for the best coupons. Most of the time, they have coupons that will save you $1.00 or more for just one item. They have over 300 coupons listed on any given day. This is my favorite website. I like it when I get a $1.00 off of a food item or even toilet paper. You can even have coupons loaded onto your smart phone with them. I myself like to download and print the coupons out. They also have coupon codes for stores such as Home Depot and Best Buy.

Another website that I like is called The Krazy Coupon Lady. They have many coupons on this website. This is a little different as theirs is a compilation of coupons from several different websites. You click on the one you want and it takes you to whatever website the coupon is on. You can join this website and create an account and they will email you with daily deals. They also have links to many popular stores, such as Dollar General and Walmart.

Smart source is another option. You can sign up with them and get coupon alerts sent to your email. You then click on the more coupons button and it takes you right to their site.

Target also has some great coupons right on their website. You can print them out and take them into the store. They always have ones for food, clothes, or other items for your house. They have a wide variety of coupons on their site.

Another option that I like is the All You magazine. It comes out once a month and it has coupons for food and other items in it every time. Usually this magazine has great coupons along with articles on how to save money on almost anything. So however you want to do it, to pay less, start clipping or printing today!

How to Save Money by Using Coupons, Without the Beginners Mistakes

Well first things first, before you can use coupons you have to find coupons. There are many ways to get coupons; coupons can be found on food packages, most Sunday newspapers, Wal-Mart's "All You magazine" (sold only at Wal-Mart), and coupon clipping websites. As you begin to collect your coupons keep in mind that you won't just walk out of the store with a cart load of free items on your first shopping trip. There is a system to getting the most out of your coupons, and it also takes time.

Beginner Mistake #1Print any and all coupons you can find online. In my experience this was a huge mistake, you most likely are not going to use all of these coupons. And when you are ready to use them they will be expired. 90% of online printed coupons expire within two weeks of printing; so this will be a problem when you looking to use that great coupon with a killer store sale.

Beginner Mistake #2- Use a coupon as soon as you get it. This is fine if you are just looking to save a few dollars here and there; after all don't we want to use coupons to help us save? That is true however, if your goal is to save as much as possible hold onto your coupons. Example: you have a $1.00 off coupon for glade air freshener, but glade this week is not on sale and is priced at $2.99. Let me start by saying most coupons from the Sunday papers expire about 3-12 weeks and on some occasions if the discount is a really high value coupon for maybe $5.00 or $10.00 it may expire in a week. Now with that being said you may say okay $1.99 is not a bad price, but many times these items go on sale for about $1.00 so this could be a free item!

Beginner Mistake #3- Wait for the store flyer to learn what is on sale. With the internet things are now more advanced, so now you could just type CVS scan with the upcoming week or whatever store you like. This makes it a little easier when you are trying to decide should I use that coupon this week, or is it priced better next week. Most time you can even see the weekly sales ads two weeks in advance.

You can get started on your coupon collection by purchasing Sunday papers that have coupons. (When I first started couponing the advice I was given was to purchase one paper per person in your household). You can also print coupons from your home; and best of all there are websites that clip coupons and mail them to you for a small clipping fee, or they will send you the whole inserts. A few sites that I use and like are,, and

Now that you have your coupons, you will need to check sale papers for your local stores. Pair those sale items with coupons that you have, this is how you will get your items free or at a very low price. If you don't have time to search all of you coupons, there are site that will do this for you for free. You can find these sites by typing in the search box CVS matchups 5/20/2012 whatever store you like. Some stores will allow you to use overage from higher priced coupons to be applied towards things that you won't normally have coupons for. These could be things like meat, produce, and so on. Some stores like ShopRite and Pathmark offer a coupon for a certain dollar amount off of your next shopping order, when you buy certain items. So it is good to keep eye out for these types of deals.

I know that all of this sounds simple because it somewhat is; but it takes time to organize your coupons, compare store sale prices, and make a detailed list. But the most important thing that you must do is find out the coupon policy for each store that you shop at. This is usually available on the stores website, or you can send an email from the websites contact us tab and request the policy to be sent to you. This is important because some stores only allow you to use a certain amount of the same coupons per order, some will not double coupons, etc. It is also very important in to check to see if the store has changed their coupon policy, because they will not give you notice that their coupon policy has changed. Unfortunately this is something they won't tell you until you are trying to use coupons according to the stores old coupon policy.

Another thing to watch out for is stores that are now changing their coupon policies after a popular show, extreme couponing aired. Coupon manufacturers are also cracking down on how coupons can be used, and in what quantities. Many stores are no longer offering overage on coupons. Example: if a product goes on sale for three dollars and you have a coupon for five dollars off that same item, many stores will no longer give you the two dollars change. Nor will they allow you to use the overage for you to apply to other items that you do not have coupons for. What they will do is adjust the coupon amount down to the price of the item, and you will still be responsible for taxes on that item.

However there are some ways around these coupon changes. The most important thing is, as I mentioned before, know your stores current coupon policy and check for updates often. Another thing to consider is possibly changing where you normally shop; going to different stores may be the way to get the best possible deals. It also helps to be open to new brands, products, ideas. Because usually as new products come out, coupons for these products are often put out to promote them.

I hope that the tips that I have shared are a help to you, and help you get started on the road to successful couponing and great savings. As always happy couponing.

The Joy of Using Coupons to Save Money in Slumping Economy

With prices soaring on gas prices nationwide and the cost of almost everything else going berserk, coupons are on the rise to popularity once again.

Well, OK, maybe not popular like Britney Spears or anything. But who doesn't appreciate a little help from a little friendly coupon every now and then? Embarrassed are you to admit you clip coupons? Why? It will be you laughing out loud when you can actually see the savings in your bank account. And why stop at coupons? Rebates are great money savers and give you a chance to try a great product. And these savings are everywhere. It just takes a little time and effort.

Entertainment books.
Entertainment books are a great way to save money, especially if you are always on the go. These books have a plethora of savings ranging from dining, entertainment, personal services, car rentals, oil changes and even travel discounts. All of our local favorites are in the book from fast food restaurants to fine dining. Most offers are BOGO (buy one get one free) and some offers are savings of over $200. These books can be purchased right around the beginning of a school year from most school fundraisers or you can get one at a local bank or store. PS, they're cheaper if you buy them from a school fundraiser.

Rebate savers booklets from Walgreens.
What a great little booklet! So full of coupons and lots of rebates! Yes, you spend a little when you buy the products but I have had the pleasure of enjoying "free" shampoo, lotions, hair color, candy, toothpaste, toothbrushes, games, toys; shall I go on? Just remember to save you receipts. You'll need them to claim your rebate. In about 2-4 weeks, a nice check comes in the mail or Walgreens even offers to put your rebate amount on a gift card and will add a 10% increase to do so.
Speaking of rebates, a lot of products have money back offers right on the package.

Check out your local newspapers! Those weekly adds have wonderful sales throughout. And a lot of times, there are some handy, dandy coupons right on the add to give you more savings. Magazines have coupons too.
Don't forget those magazine stands that are located in front of a convenient store, grocery store or hotel. Those free brochures usually carry coupons for hotel or motel rentals, car rentals and restaurants in and out of town.

The internet is a great way to save money. Say you want to try the new frozen dinner entre you saw in your grocer's freezer. Plug in the product name online and you can usually find a coupon or a rebate offer. There are also many online sites that dedicate their webpage to money savers. and are great sources for on the spot coupons. And some restaurants and establishments are most grateful if you sign up to receive their weekly or monthly newsletter online that they will email you coupons or savings certificates. and send me great deals every month!

Some credit card companies offer deals on merchandise just for being a loyal customer. Usually you have to sign up online to see how you can spend your points you've earned. Just check your monthly billing statement for details. Incidentally, with gas prices going up, a lot of gas credit card companies like Phillips66 and Conoco offer % rebates for using their credit card for other purchases.

Airline frequent flyer points. Don't let them go to waste! A good amount of points can get you a great deal on a flight saving hundreds of dollars.

Not a coupon clipper but want to take advantage of free stuff? A lot of radio stations have a website that have "contest" pages that offer free goodies if you sign up to be a member. Or they advertise for restaurants or other establishments and have savings offers linked right on their web page. If you blink, you might miss the tiny Domino's Pizza advertisement that offers a buy 1 get one free deal.

There are many ways to save money. We have to take advantage of any savings that are out there. We need all the help we can get!

Which Nutrisystem Coupon Saves the Most Money?

In this article, I will discuss the basics of the NutriSystem diet, how it works, and will list some of the food choices available as well as the celebrities who have eaten them. I've also included information about what I feel are the best NutriSystem coupons which will save you the most money.

The NutriSystem Diet And The Celebrities Who Promote It: If you're considering the NutriSystem diet, chances are you're already researched this celebrity diet plan that is or has been endorsed by celebrities like Jillian Barberie, Tori Spelling, Danielle Fishel, Marie Osmond, Joey Fatone (both of Dancing With The Stars) and Dan Marino. You've probably seen the before and afters of Jillian Barberie and Danielle Fishel in bikinis after losing about 40 pounds. The results are pretty dramatic to say the least. Jillian Barberie in particular has been making the rounds claiming she ate pizza, tacos and chocolate on Nutrisystem and still dropped tons of weight.

NutriSystem Food Choices: I'm sure you've done your research and you know that there are well over 130 low glycemic NutriSystem foods from which to chose – which include many comfort goods like burgers, ravioli, enchiladas and tons of desserts. (Yep, Jillian was being truthful.) I do not find the Nutrisystem foods to be bad at all. I do sometimes add fat free cream cheese of salsa to jazz some of offerings up, but by and large they are very edible and convenient. None of them take more than 2 minutes to prepare. (You can add your own additions like salad, veggies and fruit to make the meals more substantial and complete.) There are no calories to count of points to total. You just eat the company's foods and know you are eating low calorie, high protein foods. (There is a link to a list of all of the Nutrisystem foods at the end of this article.)

NutriSystem Costs, Specials, Discounts, And Coupons: Most people buy nutrisystem monthly packages and these cost from $8 to $10 per day. This is pretty reasonable considering you will be eating five times per day. However, there are always coupons available. (See below.) Additionally, the company has begun including tons of extras to entice consumers. For example, each package now includes mindset makeover motivation, a fitness DVD, and free weight loss counseling. The NutriSystem website has always been full of support, but now one on one support is available for free. (For a long time, Jenny Craig offered this while NutriSystem did not. This is no longer true.)

Currently, Nutrisystem is giving away full weeks of free food with special packages. If you are willing to receive regular monthly shipments, the company is offering three weeks of free meals. (Link: Get 3 weeks of free food from NutriSystem!) This is really cost effective and cheaper than groceries in today's economy. The company is also offering two weeks free on new orders. (Link: Try our delicious foods at NutriSystem & eat FREE for 2 weeks with the purchase of a 28-Day program on Auto-Delivery.) Either of these offers should save you well over $50. You will get enough breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks to eat five times per day for entire month. You can go with the most popular items to compose your package or you can customize your own, filling it with your own preferences and favorite foods.

Brake Service Coupons Can Save You Money

Owning a vehicle involves preparing budget for the maintenance. Many people are having second thoughts on buying a car because they think about the expenses not only for the gasoline but also for other maintenance. The braking system is one of the important parts of the vehicle as it is responsible for the safety of the passenger.

The braking system is composed of different parts including the hoses, brake fluid, master cylinder, calipers, brake rotors, brake pads and wheel cylinders. Keeping the brake fluid free from moisture and clean will make your car healthy. It is important to replace the fluid every two years or after it is used for 24,000 miles.

It is also necessary to pay attention on the front disc brake pads that include metal like tabs that produce squeaking sound when keeping the car at halt. The main purpose of the wear indicators is to warn the owner if the pads are consumed. The grinding noise is produced when the pads are totally consumed and the metal backing of the pads is rubbing with other metal.

Bringing your car to the repair shop will cost you big amount of money. That is why if you notice some squeaking sound, you should bring your car to the repair shop the soonest possible time. Likewise, checking the miles consumed will also save you money. Keep in mind that replacing the entire brake pad is expensive that is why you give immediate attention at early signs of damage.

The good news is that there are auto repair shops offering brake service coupons to their clients. The coupons can be used so that clients can obtain great deals in brake repair. You can check from different repair shop and auto shop if they are giving brake service coupons before bringing your car.

You can also find brake service coupons online. All you have to do is browse on the internet and look for websites of online auto shops offering repair services. You can find coupons in printable versions which mean that you can download, print, and use it once you bring your car to the shop.

Although you can obtain brake service coupons, it is still wise to pay attention on the proper maintenance of your car. Keep in mind that your car is an investment that you need to maintain. The car parts will wear out, yet you should not wait for serious damage before bringing it to the service center. The service cost depends on the damage, and if the damage is serious, you should expect paying higher amount. However, if you have brake service coupons, then you can save some money.

Indeed, regular car servicing is significant to ensure that your car is in good condition and performing well. Having your car properly maintained will save you from risks and danger while driving. It will also save you from costly repairs and inconvenient breakdowns. Regular car service will also help in increasing the life span of the mechanical components. It can be dangerous not paying immediate attention to some wear and tear problems of the car.