American Idol’s Kristy Lee Cook Takes on Mariah Carey: Will She Stay "Forever"?

American Idol’s Kristy Lee Cook Takes on Mariah Carey: Will She Stay "Forever"?

Tonight, on April 15, the American Idol Top 7 performed songs by Mariah Carey. Although Kristy Lee Cook has never been one of my favorites on American Idol, I have to admit that she did well this week. She is finally coming into her own on American Idol, and is learning how to appeal to her fanbase. Kristy Lee Cook performed Mariah Carey’s “Forever.” Will this keep her around “Forever” on American Idol?

American Idol Judges’ Comments:

Mariah liked the fact that Kristy Lee Cook took on one of her lesser known songs.

Randy didn’t think it was “amazing,” but gave Kristy Lee Cook props for “stepping it up at the end.”

Paula loved the arrangement and the way Kristy Lee Cook turned it into a country hit. It was a smart move that would appeal to her demographic.

Simon thought it was a bit whiny, but also pointed out that Kristy Lee Cook probably wasn’t thrilled when she found out it was a Mariah Carey themed week.

My Critique:

Kristy Lee Cook is a ‘niche’ singer with a style that people either love or hate. Although I’m not a huge fan of Kristy Lee Cook, she’s grown on me in the past two weeks. As a country fan, I can appreciate a rendition of Martina or a country-arranged Mariah song. While I agree with Simon that her voice is a bit whiny, Kristy Lee Cook does know how to emote a country song. It will be very interesting to see what happens this week on American Idol. Audiences tend to be unforgiving. She’s had a few less than stellar performances on American Idol, and has outlasted talented singers such as Michael Johns. However, she is starting to find herself as a performer, and she knows how to cater to her American Idol demographic. If Kristy Lee Cook survives, it will be based on this week’s performances. If she leaves, it will be the result of previous performances.

Is Kristy Lee Cook a front-runner on American Idol?

Kristy Lee Cook may survive for a few more weeks on American Idol. If she improves every week, she may even be the last girl standing, but I don’t think she can win. American Idol already has so many pretty blonde country girls: Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Jessica Sierra, and Carmen Rasmussen. The front-runners on this year’s American Idol are David Cook and David Archuleta.

Annual Fire and Ice Chili Cook-off in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Annual Fire and Ice Chili Cook-off in Blue Ridge, Georgia

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Among the rows of colorful banners of entrants are tents and fire pits to keep warm in. Chili, wine and beer to choose from in a relaxed beautiful North Eastern Georgia Mountain town is the perfect setting. You quickly forget the cold temperatures, strolling over to hear the music on the main stage in the city park.

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American Idol or American "EyeDoll"! – David Cook and Michael Johns Steal This Weeks Performance!

Too many "Cooks" in the kitchen? We don't think so…. Saving the best for last?


What a performance David Cook gave us! It was a slam dunk and hands down our favorite performance of the night! Paula was so moved by David Cook's performance she said she couldn't sit down! We agree!!!! What a treat! Smooth as cream the voice of David Cook filled the air and we all agree we want his first CD! That's a CD we could listen to over and over…. great job David.

Kristy Lee Cook is the country singer of the bunch, she has the looks and the sound and it will be a shock if we don't see her cd's in the near future.

Ramiele, is cute as a button but just couldn't pull off a "Heart" song like Carly can. She has great potential but she has yet to WOW us with what she can do But we continue to wait with anticipation!

Jason is one of the soft hearts of the bunch. With those cool tender eyes he has the crowd swooning as he strums his guitar, he continues to pick songs that speak, singing one of Randy Jackson's favorite Sting songs.

Syesha remains constant and performs outstanding each and every time. What a powerful voice! Though it seems like Simon can't find it in himself to compliment her she is still one of our favs!

Chikezie you have surprised us! You have the Luther Vandross "like" voice however you stand out uniquely, with a Wayne Brady walk you shine through the entire crowd and we look forward to your performance each and every week.

Brook …you have the sound that stands out too. This is truly a difficult year as there is so much talent! We could listen to one of your cd's as well!

Michael Johns is another contender that has us eagerly awaiting his next performance. He has such a unique sound. This is a tough year because it is so FULL of talent! Great job Michael!

Carly you are a female powerhouse! You have the look and the sound to go all the way. With your cute Irish accent and air we look forward each week to your performance too. Great job!

David Archuleta well, what can we say…you have SOOO much ahead of you, as you are another one of the soft hearts. You too picks songs that have meaning to them! Please, Please keep your innocence about you. The girls can't help but fall for you. Continue to be gentle and kind. You have our vote! Our whole household! Your CD's will be on our shelf!

Tough call for the jidges (as Cat Deely would say from "So You Think you can Dance").

Who will be eliminated…..who is next to go….on American Eye Doll? Tomorrow is too far away!

David Archuleta Vs. David Cook: Flashback to Clay Aiken Vs. Ruben Studdard

David Archuleta and David Cook are in the contest of their life as they prepare for the final vote on American Idol. Will David Archuleta's Archy Angels young fan base come through or will David Cook's bed banging, head banging rock fans want their Idol?

The truth is, both American Idol contestants will be wildly successful and either David Archuleta or David Cook could win the title as the next American Idol. Good luck to both David Cook and David Archuleta. Best wishes and congratulations to Syesha Mercado for making the top three in the American Idol competition. The competition between David Archuleta and David Cook takes us back to Season 2 of American Idol, when the final two contestants were Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard.

In Season 2 of American Idol, Clay Aiken was clearly and consistently the better talent and much like David Cook, Clay Aiken progressively improved his appearance, his ability to showcase his range of voice, and his ability to make a song his own. Clay's memorable performances of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me," "Grease," "Mack the Knife," "Unchained Melody," "Somewhere Out There," and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" pretty much sealed his fate to be among the final two of American Idol Season 2. Yet, American Idol voters chose their Teddy Bear, Ruben Studdard to take the title of American Idol.

David Cook's brilliant performances of "Billie Jean," "I'm Alive," and "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," proved that David Cook is worthy of the final two contestants for American Idol. But, David Cook had his bad karaoke moments, too. David Cook didn't do the best job of taking a classic rock ballad and arranging it to fit a one and a half minute performance. David Cook is a great rocker, a great arranging artist, but does he really have a strong connection to his American Idol audience? David Cook's hometown visit proves that he has fans, but has David Cook won over the hearts and souls of American Idol voters like Ruben Studdard did? David Cook doesn't appear to have the same personable connection with the masses.

Ruben Studdard, like David Archuleta won the hearts and souls of Americans and the voters, which led Ruben to the victory and title of American Idol. Ruben's memorable performances of "Sweet Home Alabama," "Nights on Broadway," "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," and "Imagine" connected Ruben with his audience the same way David Archuleta has connected with his audience.

David Archuleta, like Ruben Studdard, clearly doesn't have the advantage over David Cook for stage presence, arranging ability, or experience level. But, musically, David Archuleta can deliver a ballad while accompanying himself on the piano like no other. The heart and soul of David Archuleta, and his strong connection to the American Idol masses was proven with his brilliant performances of "Imagine," "The Long and Winding Road," "America," "Stand by Me," and "Love Me Tender".

In the end, both David Cook and Clay Aiken proved they are musical superstars. In the end, both David Archuleta and Ruben Studdard proved they could become musical superstars. In the end, will heart and soul once again be the deciding factor for who will be crowned the next American Idol?

My prediction for the next American Idol: David Archuleta

Kristy Lee Cook Pulls out Best Performance on Martina McBride Cover

This Tuesday on American Idol Kristy Lee Cook sang the great Martina McBride's song "Anyway". I have not really been a fan of hers throughout the show, but I think she did a very good job this week. This was probably her best performance. She was good when she sang "God Bless The USA" and she was OK on a few other songs.

She just is not blowing the audience away. I don't think she is the worst of the top 12. She didn't deserve to be in the bottom three every time, maybe only a few. The judges are just hard on her because she is not the best and they want everyone to be the best. If she was on the show 4 years ago she probably would have blown some of the contestants out of the water and had a chance to win.

The talent is just so amazing and dynamic this year and she still needs a little practice to get on the same level as the other contestants. I think her biggest problem is her song selections. She does have a good voice.

The only problem is there are a lot of talented people this season and I hate to be mean, but they are just better than her. I believe that she still has room to grow. She could make it as a country singer. I think she has a good chance at becoming a country singer because of American Idol.

She probably will not win American Idol, but she is a sweet pretty girl and she can sing. I believe she has a good shot at being successful in the music business. She really didn't have chance at winning the title because the talent is just amazing this season and even good singers like her are going to be overlooked because they are not unique or original. It is a good thing that she is on American Idol though, because she will probably have a career in country music.

David Cook Takes on Billie Jean in American Idol Season 7's Top 10

If you've been watching Season 7 of American Idol from day one, the last person you'd bet on winning the entire competition would be David Cook, however, the past three weeks on the show have drastically changed many voters opinions of this particular contestant and many other contestants as well. Each season of American Idol brings us different contestants that fit into different niches, and David Cook is Season 7's resident rocker. His voice has incredible range and he has a knack for choosing songs that showcase it as well.

Since reaching the Top 12, you can see by the judge's reactions to his singing that they at first did not consider him to be a front runner, and are surprised and pleased to see the confident side of him emerge through is songs. In a season where song choice is key, David Cook has consistently been choosing songs that show his singing ability and the judges and America couldn't be happier.

Top 10 week brought the theme of "The Year You Were Born" and being born in 1982, Cook was able to choose Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean'. Ryan Seacrest announced David Cook's song as Chris Cornell's version of 'Billie Jean'; however he got lost in the shuffle of the female audience members so it was somewhat hard to hear what Ryan said. Because of this, after David's performance, by the judge's reactions, it almost seemed as if they believed that David had created this version himself (or that they had heard of, but never actually heard Cornell's version before).

Not that this diminishes from his performance at all. David has a history of putting a rock spin on many classic songs, and even after listening to Chris Cornell's version, you can see that David even put his own spin on this particular adaption of 'Billie Jean'. With only a minute and half to perform, David Cook brilliantly arranged this song in order to showcase his voice, a voice that reminds us a lot of Season 5 contestant Chris Daughtry. However, after this particular performance, many people are saying that Cook is even better than Daughtry, so its very possible that voters this year won't make the same mistake twice and that David Cook could experience the Top 2.

No matter how far he makes it in the competition, its easy to see that David Cook can sing. With rock being such a driving force in the music industry these days, it won't be hard for Cook to make a name for himself, with or without the help of winning the Season 7 American Idol crown. Until he meets his fate, it will be interesting to see what David Cook brings to the show in the coming weeks. Hopefully America will continue to see that his presence on the show is worthwhile and that he definitely deserves to remain a competitor.


Getafjord. "Chris Cornell – Billie Jean (acoustic live)".

David Archuleta or David Cook: Which David Will Rise to the Top?

In case you missed it, American Idol is winding down and David Archuleta and David Cook are the final two contestants fighting for the top spot. Idol fans said goodbye to Syesha Mercado and hello to what most fans expected-that Cook and Archuleta would be the last two standing. Syesha has a lot of style, a great voice and can go far in her singing career, but American Idol voters decided to go with the boys this time. Goodbye Syesha and good luck with your career.

The two Davids have very different styles and, therefore, appeal to different audiences. Both Archuleta and Cook are very talented. Most Idol viewers likely made their decision a long time ago about who should win this year's American Idol. In case you are among the few still undecided about Archuleta versus Cook, here are positive and negative aspects of both contestants to help you decide.

David Archuleta: The preteen crowds (and their mothers) find Archuleta especially wholesome, cute, and cuddly. But this may not be enough to carry him to the American Idol final winner's spot. Archuleta's style–vocal style and general stage presence–is predictable and can be considered slightly humdrum even. That Archuleta's dad was recently banned from playing a strong guiding part backstage probably won't affect things too much–except that the drama was extra stress the young Archuleta didn't need.

David's voice has kept pure throughout but those who are not fans indicate his performances are just too predictable and, therefore, boring. Archuleta lacks a spark that frequently (but not always) burns bright in David Cook's singing and stage presence. Archuleta does have true talent, however. He has room for growth-but at the young age of 17 he has a very good start and I can't imagine that he will just fade away from the spotlight if he is not chosen as the winner.

David Cook: Cook's stage presence and vocal flexibility are what he really has going for him. He's messed up a few times (vocally). His singing is not as consistent as Archuleta's (depending on which David you prefer, you can read "consistent" as either "consistently pure and beautiful" or "consistently boring") but Cook fans feel his good performances are so exceptional that they easily outweigh the occasional bad performances (which probably can be blamed on song choice more than anything else).

So, will it be David Cook or David Archuleta? American Idol fans will decide very soon.

Sans Trademark Instrument, David Cook Looks, Sounds Hot

Tuesday night's theme on American Idol entailed each contestant singing a song from the year they were born.

David Cook, the clean-cut rocker who normally performs while strumming away on his guitar, was the last performer of the night. He rocked the audience and the viewers with his rendition of the hit song, Billy Jean, sans his trademark instrument. He looked and sounded as hot as ever, his deep voice modernizing the song into more of a rock ballad, versus the upbeat pop sound that Michael Jackson gave it in the eighties. David's performance was consistent with his past performances, amazing and smoking hot.

He has an innate ability to "make a song his own" and to entertain his audience, offering a little insight into what he would deliver at his own concerts. This talented young guy from Missouri is one of the contestants to beat, very deserving to be the front runner. Even the judges applauded his performance and Randy Jackson told him he may indeed be the one to win the title of American Idol.

Although Michael Johns may give him a run for his money, David will no doubt go on to do well in the music industry, with or without American Idol. He is reminiscent of Chris Daughtry, a rockin' contestant from season five who has enjoyed great success without winning the AI title. With or without that sought after win, David possesses all the right traits of a successful musical artist-talent, charisma, looks and style. In the meantime, this fan will furiously vote each week, as this is a guy I want to see in concert and rock out to in my car!!