Can an Ebook Really Help You to Lose Weight?

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Grrr…..another ebook on how to lose weight, right? Well, sorta. Topportunities reviewed, “100 Weight Loss Tips,” and this ebook is not some fad diet or an ebook full of obvious information. We are more than willing to admit that the information contained in this ebook can be found all over the Internet for free. Do we encourage you to run around the Internet like a maniac and find it all? Your welcome to if you want, but since it’s already been done for you, let’s talk about that instead.

This ebook is 30-pages and covers topics such as changing how you cook, exercising, what to drink, and consistency. Nothing new as far as weight loss books go, right? Right. Now let us tell you what did make this ebook different:

  • The ebook does not claim to help you lose mass amounts of weight in a matter of days. This ebook wants to help you lose the first ten pounds. It helps you to set a realistic goal and gives you tools to make it happen.
  • We love the way this ebook is written. It feels like a conversation with an honest friend who is knowledgeable about weight loss.
  • The ebook is broken up into 100 short and easy to understand tips to help you shake off that first ten pounds.
  • Finally, lots of description and explanation throughout the book let us know that this ebook was written with a lot of research instead of simply being slapped together in order to make a quick buck.

Does Topportunities recommend this ebook? Yes, we do. There was a little bit of doubt when it showed up in our inbox and we are very happy that it passed our review standards.

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