5 Biggest Giant Dog Breeds

The greatest thing about dogs is that they are the friendliest companions to have. Whatever size they are, some people still get scared of big dogs deperros.pro

Not only large dogs can be guard dogs, but they’re mostly the sweetest, massive companions who want to cuddle and need love. So, if you ever want to buy or adopt a huge breed, you should know at least five of the giant dog breeds.

Here are five of the biggest giant dogs’ breeds


  • Great Dane

Have you ever seen dogs that kind of look like a pony? Yeah, those are Great Danes. These dogs may not be the heaviest, but they are the tallest dogs. If they stand by or jump on you, you’ll be shocked at how tall they are. Their height is about 30 to 32 inches tall, which is already gigantic for a dog. Even though they may look intimidating, they’re considered the gentle giants. Great Danes have affectionate and playful traits that you will fall in love with.

Great Dane

People say Great Danes resemble horses because of how they run and their stance. As having powerful legs and paws, they need exercise to build stronger legs and stamina. But, if you want to run or jog with them, you should wait when they’re about one and a half or two years old. Their bones can be sensitive sometimes if they run too much. As long as you take great care of them and be gentle with them, they are the most lovable and friendly companions to have.


  • English Mastiff


If you see a dog giving you those soft eyes, wrinkly forehead, and drools a lot, that’s an English Mastiff. They are the heaviest breeds. They weigh about 200 to 250 pounds! They can also be 30 inches tall. If you try to give them a high five, their paws are about the size of your hands. They’re also playful and lovable at most times. If you need someone to cuddle with, they are there for you when you need them.

English Mastiffs are the protective kind of dogs. They are also easygoing and loyal. This breed is hard to take care of, but once you have these dogs, they can be calm and energetic at the same time.


  • Neapolitan Mastiff


Neapolitan Mastiffs are like old people who don’t age. Their appearance may look like they’re old from the beginning, but that’s how physically natural they look. Like an English Mastiff, they also have those wrinkled foreheads, but with Neapolitans, it’s all over the body. They may not have the most attractive eyes or not the most attractive breed, but they’re one of the most protective dogs to own. If you want a guard dog, Neapolitan Mastiff is the one for you.

Neapolitan Mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiff on lead standing in the grass outdoors.

They can be heavy as the English Mastiff with massive paws too, so they weigh about 200 to 250 pounds. As strong and intimidating they look, once you put your whole trust in them, they’ll be a friendly companion to have and will be there for you when you need them. Even though they can be peaceful and obedient to be around, they can get pretty hungry, and they also tend to slobber and drool a lot.


  • Saint Bernard


Have you ever seen that famous dog movie, “Beethoven”? If so, the kind of dog you’ve seen is a Saint Bernard. Sorry to say, they also drool a lot. So, be prepared for that. They’re about 28 to 30 inches tall and have the softest brown eyes ever to witness. So from afar, they look scary, but you won’t be that scared once you go near them. They’re commonly known for being rescue dogs so that they could sense trouble with their companions. They have a huge and kind heart for people, so they’re pretty helpful to be around.

As friendly they may be, sometimes they don’t know how big they are, so they won’t cause too much chaos at your house if you train them early. Controlling them may be challenging for you, so start early training when they’re a puppy.


  • Newfoundland


Do you want to have a dog who’s excellent at swimming and can help save you from drowning? The Newfoundland dog is the one for you. They are lifeguards of your life and one of the strongest and helpful dogs to have. They’re known to be athletic and affectionate. They weigh about 150 pounds and are 28 to 30 inches tall. If you live near the ocean, these dogs can be helpful and smart when fishing. If you need a cuddle, they’ll be there for you.

As lovable and smart they may be, they also need lots of exercise and training. So never be lazy with them. Train them when you need to. Also, since they have many furs, please groom or brush them daily so they won’t have tangled hair. If you want a hardworking, protective dog that can still be loving towards you, Newfoundland is the one for you.