Embracing Winter & Hygge Love!


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been a Summer bunny – never happier than when running barefoot through the long, hot holidays – not a care in the world.

Fast forward to adulthood and living in Los Angeles from 2006-2009 was all kinds of awesome –  shorts on, flip flops on and out the door? Life at it’s simplest and best. The blue skies were like a dream come true and LA ruined me – like I’d opened Pandora’s box and life would never be the same again.

But our life is HERE – with it’s changing seasons and lack of all-year-blue-skies!   So I have to build a life to help me cope with the darker, Winter days since, until this year, they’ve got me down.

SO – for 2016 – I’ve made a conscious effort to approach the dark months with positivity and I’m embracing all the things I missed stateside. Like clouds and amazing skies, which have been in abundance this Autumn.skiesAnd Winter?

This year I’m embracing the inevitable darkness, whilst doing everything I can to add light to my world with a bit of Scandinavian Hygge – pron HOOGA – my kinda word!

“Hygge:  creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you.  Think friends and family, roaring open fires, candlelight,  warm drinks and cosy fur throws!”

My gorgeous Danish friend Tine was the person who introduced me to the concept. Visiting her house in the Winter months was always a joy, the epitome of cosy – all candles and fur blankets and “hunkering down” – embracing all that’s great about the season and making life work and keeping positive.shutterstock_221165044In the name of embracing the season, I’m transforming my garden so that it works – even in the winter.  Outside my kitchen window is a raised bed which wasn’t working for me: Number one:  I needed the area to throw light into my kitchen.  Number two: I needed to cut down the weeding in my garden when, honestly, I’d rather spend the time having fun with my kids and living life!

The solution?

A delivery of  COTSWOLD STONE to transform my world!  Three enormous bags arrived and whilst part of me wondered if I’d bitten off more than I could chew, the other was more excited than a Dane with a candle and some hot soup!

Having dug up all the beds in question and gifted plants to my mates, a hot date with a PRESSURE WASHER resulted in a picture you will never be able to un-see.  Look away now if you know what’s good for you……washerSeriously – if you’d stood still in my garden, I would have hosed you down! With Trey and the kids taking cover in the house (only partly joking!) years of dirt just sloushed off effortlessly, leaving a much fresher, lighter look. Winning!

Next, I lined all the borders with LANDSCAPE FABRIC, to ensure the weeds wouldn’t ever darken my door (or window) again – might now be a good moment to admit that hardware shops totally do it for me?! No? Too big a share?!lavenderThen I planted some gorgeous Lavender outside my kitchen window, which will look stunning next year.  And then came the fun part – wheelbarrowing the stone from my drive to the borders! 2 tyres later (our poor wheelbarrow didn’t know what had hit it) and the garden was TRANSFORMED!endWe also picked up this gorgeous FIRE PIT since I’m all about the outdoors and fully intend to make use of any sunny days we might have in the coming months.  I’m quite loving the idea of sitting out wrapped in fur throws, the hygge warmth of the fire keeping us cosy, sipping a liquid of some description! firepitTo celebrate, I picked up these stunning Dahlia’s at our local Farmers Market to bring a bit of light into the house and for the first time in forever, I’m actually enjoying the change in seasons!  For me, it’s all about making your reality work and I’m amazed how these small changes are lifting my soul!

K xflowers

Disclosure:  Thanks to the guys at Wickes for kindly supplying me with the bits needed for my garden transformation!  All views are my own x 


  • Reply Adam January 11, 2017 at 8:22 am

    I think I’m a bit weird. I’ve always loved the challenges that winter presents.

    People are funny sausages….so similar yet so different.

  • Reply Fiona November 10, 2016 at 8:08 am

    Wow Katie, what an amazing transformation, you go girl! I just love your positivity and outlook, its so infectious. Keep doing what ya’ doing xxx

    • Reply Katy December 8, 2016 at 9:54 am

      Thanks Fiona xx

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