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My Best Me – Hair


Amazing Hair. The Holy Grail!

And it’s always eluded me.  Until now!

I was blessed with good teeth – (“Lick your lips – feel rough” ring any bells?!) but I somehow lost out on the luscious locks delivery! I guess I must have been out that day – and they didn’t even leave a “sorry we missed you” card. Rude!

Since I was a kid my hair has been super fine. Lots of it, but fine.

At 13, along with my peers I started playing the perming game (yup – it was THAT era) and thus, Pandora’s Box was officially open, beginning years of chemical “enhancement”.

In my 20’s, I thought mermaid-worthy hair extensions were the way to go.  They weren’t!  Then years of “natural blonde” activity and two kids later, and my already lacking hair was wrecked.

Step forward the delicious Karine Jackson and her gorgeous Organic Hair Salon in London. Who knew such an oasis even existed?! Randomly we all steer clear of regular hair colour when we’re pregnant but then, once that baby pops out, hop straight back onto the chemical wagon faster than we can shriek  “HIDE THE GREY“!  But our readiness to get back to the dark (or light) side of chemicals is so bizarre – why aren’t we protecting ourselves in the same way we chose to protect our pregnancy bumps?

Karine has been a lock legend for me!  She, along with some incredible products she’s introduced me to, has been the reason my hair has improved beyond all recognition.  She’s also set me on the path towards a healthier approach to haircare.

Here are the secrets of my little black book:


Just the most gorgeous salon in London’s Covent Garden! From the minute you step inside, you feel spoilt and pampered and it’s natural light from a stunning atrium combined with a glitter ball downstairs (yup – you heard) that set this place apart from other salons. That, and the fact that my hair has improved 100% in the three times I’ve been to date!SALON2Last time I was in, I caught up with he super-talented Karine, to find out why she went organic initially and to – well, generally grill her on all things hair!

What made you decide to go natural in the first place?

Karine: My friend was ill and asked me to look into a product that wouldn’t hurt her hair so I started researching it and couldn’t believe what usually goes into hair colour. Lots of the organic hair colour wasn’t great back then but then I found the colour I use int the salon, which is mainly made from organic and natural products. Wherever they can, they’ve used natural organic ingredients. The main damaging chemical generally used to make colour permanent is PPD and most products have up to 4% in them, this has on average 0.36% at concentrate.

What are the benefits of organic colour though, because when I have highlights it doesn’t actually touch my scalp?

Karine: Going organic is better on the hair and much kinder in general. It’s better not to breathe in all those chemicals when you’re in a salon. We all know how strong that smell is! I used to have a really bad cough from being a hairdresser but since I stopped using colour with Ammonia in it, my cough has stopped! And I’ve met other hairdressers who’ve said exactly the same thing.SALONDo you think the result is the same without all the chemicals?

Karine: I actually think the result is better. I’ve been using the product on my hair for nearly 10 years now and colour my hair every 3 weeks. which can be quite taxing on it, but my hair has never been better.

The one thing I like about the colour I use is that it’s by a British company – they let me go and see the factory and at the time when I took it on, the whole Carbon Footprint thing was kicking off so going British was really important to me.

The range is huge in The States, Australia and Italy here but, here in the UK,  we’re a bit slower to cotton on!

Who are your clients, generally?

Karine: Everyone! Some people come because they want to use natural, some people come because their hair is ruined, some people come because they’re ill – everyone has their own reasons for using a more natural approach but I have a really loyal client base because it’s such a great product!

salonFor me, I love visiting the salon!  All the staff are wonderful, Karine is just the nicest person and really interesting!  No inane “hairdresser chat” here!

I also love how pampered the whole experience always leaves me feeling – everything from the divine coffee and magazines to the refreshment list of something a bit more fun if you fancy it, to the died-and-gone-to-heaven head massages – the complete experience always delivers.  And every time I’m in the salon, the team sort out my tresses with an aftercare of Organic Hair Shampoo:

ORGANIC COLOUR SYSTEMS Shampoo & Conditioner

Karine and the team use the products from Organic Colour Systems on my hair in the salon, post colour and I always buy my own set to use at home. I can totally tell that the products have built my hair up and strengthened it. Good times!  They also last for ages and, unlike many natural offerings, I love that they lather really well. At the moment I’m using the Aquaboost range which makes my hair feel amazing!


I’ve been trying the award winning Viviskal hair supplement for the past few months and can totally see a difference!

The science: Viviskal has been developed over 25 years and contains AminoMar compound of marine extracts – plus zinc and biotin which nourish the hair from within. It’s the number 1 best selling hair supplement in the UK, it’s drug free and suitable for all hair types.

A 3-month supply costs £99.00 and they do a 90 day challenge promotion where, if you don’t see a difference, you get your money back! Win win baby!

I hope you’ve found the secrets of my little black book useful!  I always want to shout great finds from the rooftops and hair is something I would literally stop strangers in the street to ask about. True story!

K x  

*swishes hair and leaves



  • Reply Claire July 5, 2016 at 5:55 pm

    Since having my second child my hair has been a total state. I lost so much hair I actually was bald in places. I’ll give the shampoo a try. I have also found Holland & Barrett high strength silica complex tablets amazing. My hair and nails have never been stronger. I take alongside viviscal. Worth a look into X

  • Reply Jade April 13, 2016 at 10:54 am

    “Lick your lips – feel rough” – I heard you and Stuart going on about this the other week, and had a proper good chuckle as I remembered that advert! 😉

    • Reply Katy April 13, 2016 at 4:57 pm

      Haha! Yup – always pretty surreal to be selected to be the “face of” something! Good times! x

  • Reply englishmum April 13, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Interesting! So can you still get the same highlights (and achieve the same colour) with organic products? x

    • Reply Katy April 13, 2016 at 9:35 am

      Hey beauty – YES! It’s amazing – you should totally go and try it. I bet you wouldn’t go back! x

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