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But you can’t hide baby!  Yup – Luna and I are gracing the cover of the latest issue of Pets at Home Magazine – which you will already know if you’ve ventured in-store recently!

We did the shoot at the end of November and Luna behaved amazingly well, especially at only 6 months old! Shoots with children and animals are always the most stressful as you have so little control over what they’ll do, but she was a dream and seemed to love every second of it!

I even asked my Heart Breakfast listeners to suggest some headlines for the article, my faves were – Katy is Over the Moon With Luna / Katy is a Luna Eclipse / Total Luna Eclipse of Katy’s Heart (nice!) but loving the VIP Magazine headline From Russia With Love!

We had so much fun on the shoot and Luna coped amazingly with cameras and lights around the place.  Slightly bizarre to be in-store the other day when a big delivery of the magazines came in – a few double takes from the customers in line! myvipIt was so much fun doing the shoot with Luna and she was so well behaved, taking the lights, camera and action all in her stride!  Her arrival into our lives has had such a positive impact on all of us and part of me wishes we’d got her ages ago but we were waiting for the right time.  But wow – what an impression she’s made – just the most gorgeous, snuggly cat EVER.  Which is why I was so honoured to be asked to present the results of the Pets At Home Pet Report to assembled media at London’s Rainforest Cafe one morning recently.RAINFOREST4,000 Pet owners took part in the research and, having grown up with animals I’ve always adored them, but I guess I never clocked the positive impact they can have on you and your kids.

Who knew, for example, that a cat could actually be good for your kids health? Or how a hamster could teach important life lessons? Or how that pet dog can give your kids brain a boost AND help them stay healthy? Good times! Interestingly, 93% of the UK that currently owns a pet, grew up with pets and half of parents believe their child is healthier and fitter due to their pet and owning a pet improves anxiety amongst three quarters of British children.

I’ve always grown up around animals. It all kicked off with Hammy the hamster (I’m nothing if not original!) then Fluff the rabbit, then Tigger and Mowgli our family cats, then Gladys the Goat, Jacobs Sheep & Chickens,
not to mention the dogs and cats I fostered during the Blue Peter years! And they say never work with children or animals!  Luna has become SUCH a part of our gang, she *might* have even had her own advent calendar this year!PART OF FAMILYYup – considering my love of animals  I think Trey my OH has got off pretty lightly with our kitten – and so far I appear to have gotten away with the fact that I’ve just (inadvertently) bought new towels that match Luna!  Shh… don’t tell!

She came into our world at the start of September but already I can’t remember life without Luna’s furry little face and I love how she greets me when I come home from work.  Miraculously she’s stuck around, even though the kids gave her the pedigree name of Lady Luna Von Snugglemuffin 1st OBE!

In the same way you know the insides of B & Q when you move house, I’m pretty much on first name terms with the team at my local Pets at Home which has become my new favourite place! Before we got Luna, the kids did their research and made a shopping list of what we needed – and we did a raid. I’ll talk you through our picks in a bit!VETSWhen we took Luna instore for her injections to our local store in Oxford, I was all nervous for it all to be fine! The team were amazing and Luna was a superstar and I was so relieved when we came out – microchip and all – and she was happy! She even enjoyed exploring the practice, which was spotless! She’s booked in to be neutered in January and I couldn’t be happier with the treatment she gets in-store.  I feel like a new parent all over again, all concerned for the experience to be great and completely relieved when it exceed expectations!

Thanks to the team at PAH for their continued support on our furry journey! Having them as a one-stop-shop, with over 400 stores UK-wide, has been such a find for me and such a relief to get everything sorted under one roof! *Might* be on first name terms with the gang at my local store, we’re pretty frequent visitors!

LUNA MODULE (S) – Our Luna Picks….

Rustic Snuggle Bed
Just about the cosiest little bed you could ever imagine for a cat, right?! I’d quite like one, human sized!

Kitten Grooming Kit
The kids LOVE using this and possibly occasionally playing hairdresser!

Cat Mate  Automated Feeder
This is brilliant for any weekends away we might do as a family – although it takes a LOT to drag us away from her! We’ve only been away for one night so far!

Stainless Steel Fish Double Diner
I love love love this! My big thing with getting a kitten was that I didn’t want to sacrifice style at the altar of all things furry! this looks brilliant in my kitchen! As does….

Animal Print Placemat
Again, super stylish and keeps Luna’s food bits in one place!


Scratch & Swing Hammock
The biggest hit EVER! Luna spends most of her time in the hammock, snoozing! She also loves being up high and perusing the world around her. So this is PERFECT!

Canvas Pet Carrier
I love this! It stores flat when not in use, then just zips into action when needed. Kay seems to like the shoulder strap!

Cream Rattan Covered Litter Tray
If there’s one thing I was dubious about getting a kitten, it was the litter tray but HELLO!? How stylish is this?! Totally looks at home in our house and I love that the bottom section of it comes out like a drawer, so you don’t have to unclip it all the time. I also love that there’s an odour eater in the top ventilation. If it’s possible to actually heart a litter tray, I do this one. And yes – I DO need to get out more….As does Luna.. hence

Radiator Bed

OMG – Possibly the best invention EVER!  Oh my goodness – could she BE more cosy! (see above)  Perfect as you can have it on the radiator or floor.  When she’s in it, I swear she smiles!  Who wouldn’t! *dreams of making an adult version

Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap
LOVING this! It’s programmed to Luna’s microchip so over zealous cats from neighbouring gardens have no chance of getting into our house! Best invention EVER! You can also lock it to keep your cat in at night if you want to. Really really pleased with it and we have one very happy kitten!

We’ve also got tons of toys, collar and a lead – and I’m not even kidding on the lead front!  When she was little we used a harness and lead and the kids walked her around the garden.  Too cute!

K x

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  • Reply Hannah Spannah Coco Banana December 30, 2015 at 8:09 pm

    We have 3 fish, a cat and a Labrador and we are all fitter and better off for having them.
    Immune systems need dirt. Sterile homes aren’t good for children! My son can walk miles and does either on foot or bike, twice a day. He gets so much joy from playing with the cat when she chases toys and I truly believe that cuddling an animal can be calming. He’s also learning compassion and sadly had his first experience of death when we lost my old cat.

    Luna looks gorgeous x

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